Familial slaying recognized as community endeavors to comprehend a tragic crime devoid of reason

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – In seeking explanations for what prompted a Hawaii chiropractor to annihilate his entire family before taking his own life, the community is in a state of desperation.

Regarding the atrocious murders, Hawaii News Now conversed with the suspect Paris Oda’s mother, Annette.

Oda, aged 46, supposedly ended the lives of his 48-year-old wife, Naoko, and their offspring on Sunday morning. Relatives confirmed the children’s identities as 17-year-old Sakurako, 12-year-old Orion, and Nana, age 10.

Annette Oda mentioned that her son was raised in Kauai, and the family is currently grappling with the news.

When presented with queries regarding any warning signs, she opted not to respond.

  • Professional: Tragedy underscores the importance of eradicating domestic violence
  • Tranquil community shocked following family slaying in ‘inexplicable calamity’

At the Oda family’s abode on Waaloa Place in Manoa, mourners arrived to offer condolences and contribute to the growing assemblage of flowers and lei. At the staircase’s apex, a pink bear was positioned in remembrance of the youngest daughter, Nana. A note on a potted plant conveyed the message, “We love you.”

Relatives are identifying the family slain in Manoa as a heartbroken community endeavors to comprehend the crime.(Courtesy)

A neighbor and friend of the family informed Hawaii News Now that Naoko Oda occasionally assisted at her husband’s chiropractic clinic. The family was anticipating Sakurako’s graduation from Iolani School, deliberating between college options in Hawaii and on the mainland.

They mentioned that Sakurako held an interest in nursing and culinary arts.

In 2019, the mother and daughter participated in the Hapalua Marathon, finishing three places apart.

Numerous individuals in the neighborhood, as per HNN’s conversations on Monday, expressed their devastation upon learning the case particulars.

One woman revealed that she spent the entire day in tears due to the tragedy.

‘Universal impact’

Residents assert that the incident defies comprehension.

“Tragic. Everyone is affected,” mentioned neighbor Irvin Yoshino. “It feels as though a part of your family.”

A person speaking to HNN did acknowledge sensing something amiss.

“It felt off,” the individual remarked. “You could perceive a sense – like they were despondent.”

Counseling services were extended at the three Oahu schools attended by the victims.

Iolani School, where Sakurako was a student, dispatched an email to parents on Sunday evening, notifying them of various gatherings for students, faculty, and staff, including an early morning chapel service.

Orion was a student in the sixth grade at SEEQS Charter School in Nuuanu.

The school’s administrator informed parents of the availability of crisis counselors to provide guidance and assist the school community in navigating through the grief.

Nana was enrolled at Manoa Elementary School. The Department of Education disseminated a letter indicating the presence of a crisis intervention team.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: For assistance, dial 800.799.SAFE (7233).

Licensed Family Therapist Britt Young suggested that parents consider age-appropriate dialogues with their children regarding the crimes.

“For young children, elementary and middle school levels, concerns may arise regarding their safety and the potential for harm if this individual could perpetrate such actions on his or her children,” Young stated, adding that providing reassurance and engaging in discussions with the child can be beneficial.

With teenagers and young adults, she recommended a more open exchange.

“Encouraging kids to pose questions and parents to respond thoughtfully and deliberately to those queries,” Young suggested. She proposed that this approach might be more effective than parents imposing their viewpoints.

Regardless of the scenario, comfort can prove to be immensely comforting, according to her.

‘Experiencing anger is natural’

Young also highlighted that it is not only children grappling with the news. Adults are also confronting a myriad of emotions, even if they had no acquaintance with the Oda family.

“Feeling anger is a natural response, as is pondering, who could perpetrate such an act?” she emphasized.

Regarding the demise of children, others undergo what she termed as “complex” grief, distinct from the “simple” grief experienced when an older or ill person passes away. “This is highly intricate because it involves an element of horror, innocence, and fear,” Young elucidated.

She noted that adults would need to navigate through the intricate layers of grief.

Source: www.hawaiinewsnow.com

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